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“Artful Living” is a juried art exhibition and community event. Proceeds from the event benefit struggling families in the Fairfax County area. This community event also raises awareness about the reality of poverty in our community.

April 5, 2019

May 2, 2019
7 pm – 10 pm

Country Club of Fairfax – 5110 Ox Road, Fairfax

“Artful Living: Thrive”

As we celebrate 35 years of growth and myriad accomplishments, we reflect on how our organization has flourished through the various economic and societal changes. More importantly, we can see how our programs have illuminated the incredible ability for struggling families in our community to thrive in the midst of unspeakable challenges. Art is used to illustrate, highlight and share our experiences through many different lenses. Use your artistic ability to communicate “thrive.”


Artists must list the dimensions of their artwork (no larger than 4 feet X 4 feet X 4 feet). No more than 2 submissions per artist. There is no fee to enter. No age limit. As children may be present, we ask that you consider making the subject matter appropriate for all audiences. The definition of “appropriate” is up for debate, but please use common sense.


Categories: Oil/Acrylic, Pastel, Watercolor, Sculpture, Photography, Computer Art, Other Media. Artwork must be SIGNED, HANDMADE ORIGINALS. All submitted work must be attractively and appropriately matted, framed and/or presented. Artwork on canvas is not required to be framed.


Copies or duplications or reproductions (computer or otherwise). Nothing perishable, toxic or otherwise harmful.


Artists should supply a fair market price of artwork upon submission. That price will be listed in the sale of the art during the event. All art is donated at 100% of the fair market price.


April 5, 2019 by 8 a.m. EST: Submit photo (800pxl x 600pxl) online through the google form. Your submission will require a brief statement about how it captures the essence of our theme “Thrive.” Statements without this explanation will not be considered.


We are elevating our event as we commemorate 35 years of achievement in our community. In an effort to generate more awareness and enrich our attendee experience, we are seeking to provide them with the highest quality art available. Your contribution to this event enables us to not only raise awareness about a true need in our affluent community, but to generate the funds necessary to strengthen our programs and continue to help guide families to a brighter future.


You are part of the solution by helping us raise money to continue providing the necessary resources and programs to struggling families in the Fairfax County area.

In return for your incredible generosity, you will have an opportunity to prominently feature any marketing material you bring on the day of the event in the Artist corner. Additionally, as we lead up to the event, we will feature all selected artists on our webpage and social media pages with links to their website and social media page.

We hope that you will feel good about being part of something life-changing in our community. Your donation makes a big impact.

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