No Vacation From Hunger

June 29th, 2017

Many of our supporters will take a vacation this summer, but the families in Britepaths' Food Bridge Program will not get a break from hunger and need. Our donations are already running low this summer, and we have Five Sundays on our food delivery calendar in August and September where we have no organization signed up to help.

Can You Help Us Feed Our Families This Summer?
  • Donate to Food Bridge: Your donation will help us purchase grocery store gift cards at a bulk discount. Donate Now or mail a check to Britepaths' office, 4080 Chain Bridge Rd., 2nd Floor, Fairfax, VA 22030. Write "Food Bridge" in the memo line.
  • Donate Grocery Store Gift Cards: Gift cards help our families purchase fresh foods such as milk, meat, fruits and veggies, and ensure that their children have foods that meet their dietary requirements. Deliver or mail gift cards to our office. The most helpful are for major local stores such as Shoppers, Safeway and Giant in increments of $10, $20 and $25.
  • Run a Food and Gift Card Drive: This is a wonderful volunteer activity for youth groups, community groups or families. Britepaths will help make arrangements with the store where the drive will be held, but volunteer group will need a coordinator and be able to run the drive independently. Click Here for details on running a drive. 
  • Can Your Organization Be a Supporter? Britepaths has a critical year-round need for local organizations to take a Sunday on our food delivery calendar and commit to delivering grocery store gift cards and/or food and supplies to 30 of our Food Bridge families. A wonderful service project for companies, faith communities and community organizations. Click Here to learn more.

See our Food and Gift Card Donation page for a list of Pantry Donation needs and more information.

Contact Christina Garris at or 703.273.8829 x444 to learn more.