Life Skills Goes Under the Hood to Save $$$

July 1st, 2015

Getting under the hood to learn how to keep down the costs of owning a car! Several of our clients participated in a Project BRIDGE Life Skills workshop recently at AAA Car Care Center on Main Street in Fairfax City. They showed us how to do a monthly walk-around/check-up of our car, and we watched a short clip on tire treads and how the more worn down the treads become, the more difficult it is to stop suddenly. We learned how to check for tire pressure, and how to test or monitor the amounts of oil and wiper fluid in the car. It was a great general overview on how to manage the maintenance of your car, which can really cut down on huge car repair bills down the line.

So many of us in this area rely heavily on our cars to get to and from work and to transport our children. For the families we serve who are often living from paycheck to paycheck, expensive auto repairs can be devastating. Loss of a vehicle to get to work sometimes puts people who are struggling on a path to losing their jobs and their homes. In addition to working with clients in our Financial Literacy and Project BRIDGE Programs to help them establish budgets so they can save for these types of emergencies, ODB offers a "Reliable Rides" program as part of our Financial Assistance Program to help with emergency car repairs. We were happy to have the opportunity to partner with AAA to help our clients understand how to potentially stave off the need for expensive car repairs by learning to maintain their cars. We are grateful to the Brake Squad, CRV Auto Repair in Sterling and Skyline Automotive for partnering with ODB to assist our clients with auto repairs, and the 495 Express Lanes Community Grant Program for providing funding for Reliable Rides.