News Article: New Beginnings Over 3 Cups of Coffee

March 20th, 2017

The March-April 2017 issue of Fairfax Woman Magazine discusses Britepaths' newest Resiliency program, 3 Cups of Coffee®. NOTE: This Program is now known as Network Up.

"When you’re looking to move into a better job, you can have great credentials and many promising leads, but still find it difficult to land interviews. Breaking into a better career path can be even more challenging when you’re trying to rise from a lower-paying job, did not follow a traditional education path, or do not have social connections to tap...."

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LINK to Fairfax Woman Magazine via FlipSnack (p. 36)

Be Part of 3 Cups of Coffee®!

Britepaths is seeking Mentees and Mentors, as well as sponsors of coffee vouchers to help facilitate our participants' meetings. Visit our 3 Cups of Coffee page. Contact Sally Meyer at