Be a Volunteer Financial Planner

Volunteer Description: Probono Financial Planner

Location of the Work:

Clinics are held at United Community Ministries, 7511 Fordson Rd, Alexandria, VA 22306, on one evening per month, except for July, August and December. This clinic is sponsored by Britepaths and United Community Ministries. Financial Planners arrive between 6:00 – 6:30 pm to begin counseling clients.  Plan for 2-3 hours of volunteer time per clinic. See our Financial Counseling Clinic page for more information.

Definition and Nature of the Work:

Volunteer Financial Planners (FP) will help adult individuals plan the use of their income, savings, and investments (if any). Clients are typically struggling with credit and debt issues.  FPs will provide a one time, 45-60 minute counseling session to help clients examine their immediate financial situation and help them create a course of action to address concerns.

In order to be effective, FPs must be familiar with general financial legal restrictions and laws. They must be skilled at working with numbers and budgets and be able to understand complicated financial and legal documents. In addition, they should be articulate and helpful. Selling of financial products is not allowed. Volunteer Financial Planners are asked to volunteer three times within nine-month program (September – June, excluding December). Each evening, FPs will be asked to conduct one to three counseling sessions. Britepaths will schedule the FPs based upon their date preferences.

Volunteers Must Provide:

A volunteer Application, Background Check, Non-disclosure form and Confidentiality statement.

Education and Training Requirements:

Volunteer Financial planners must have some experience in financial planning. An orientation to the project will be provided by Britepaths on-site and is intended to provide volunteers with an overview of the project and expectations of counseling sessions. Training will include:

  • Overview of a Typical Financial Counseling Clinic
  • Who We Serve
  • Creating an Action Plan for Client

Contact Carole Rogers, Financial Literacy Program Assistant at or 703.273.8829 with questions or to return application forms.

Financial Literacy Volunteer Forms:
  • Volunteer Application: Application Form (MS WORD) 
  • Virginia Background Check: SP167 VA State Pol backgd check (PDF) (Print Page 1 only, fill out name and address at top. ODB will mail in the form and pay for processing)
  • Disclosure Statement: Disclosure Statement (MS WORD)
  • Pledge of Confidentiality: Pledge Statement (MS WORD)