Note to Supporters

November 28, 2019

On Thanksgiving Day, we shared this message with our supporters in a Facebook post. View the Post

Earlier this week, we made an email appeal for donations citing an uncharacteristic decrease in individual donations. The challenge is very real. For those of you who are long-time supporters, we want to provide a bit more context.

As with any organization, we see ebbs and flows that are in keeping with the economy, and we usually receive 37 percent of cash contributions between November and December. But as of October, the previously reliable projections had fallen flat and we have a $100,000 shortfall. The Britepaths Board of Directors is aware of the situation and considering all options available. What we did not plan for was a precipitous drop in donations driven in large part by federal tax law changes, the same phenomenon that has hit many other local non-profits. Read the Article from today’s Washington Post.

For 35 years, individual donors and volunteers have propelled Britepaths forward to meet the needs of the community. As you may know, we were chosen as Nonprofit of the Year by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce in 2019, of which we are quite proud. Consistent, incremental growth gave us confidence that this year we could finally offer health care, paid time off, and raise a few line staff salaries to a market rate. We have GREAT staff whom we try our best to retain. Also, we needed to walk the talk; to provide staff with the same type of employment that we help our clients pursue. But know we are a frugal, no frills operation. Check out our financials on our website.

Going forward, we will face hard decisions. Corporate giving has not materialized as we had hoped. Grants are becoming more competitive too. But we are trying as hard as we can on all fronts. We have a strong relationship with Fairfax County. We know we need to refocus on our roots, YOU, our individual supporters.

We hope this helps all of you understand where we are. Our commitment to our original mission remains strong – providing a safety net for struggling families and moving them forward. Together, we are neighbors helping neighbors.

Thanks to all of you volunteers and donors. Let us be grateful, and live generously.