Mentor Tools and Support

Monthly Mentor Report

We recognize that each of you are incredibly busy people and dedicated volunteers, and the last thing that we want is to burden you with reporting requirements, or make reporting difficult or tedious for you. So, to that end, we have revised the Naomi Project Encounter Report and replaced it with a Monthly Mentor Report! We believe this Monthly Mentor Report will  make reporting easier and more convenient for you.  Instead of reporting every time you interact with your client, you will be required to complete this one Monthly Mentor Report form and submit it to the Naomi  Project by the last day of each month. Please use it this month and report to us about the activities, challenges, successes, goals of your match. We very much appreciate all of your efforts as part of the Naomi Project, and we rely on your wonderful reports to keep track of the status of your match and the wonderful work you are doing and the progress your clients are making.
Link to our Monthly Mentor Report: Click Here

Monthly Mentor Client Contact Log

Please use this Monthly Mentor Client Contact Log to keep track of your interactions with your client. This is a tool for you, and DOES NOT need to be submitted. This tool can be used in conjunction with the Monthly Mentor Report form and this can help you keep notes and reports for yourself about the dates and nature of all of the interactions and communications you have with your client.
Link to the Monthly Mentor Client Contact LogCLICK HERE

Naomi Project Visit Planning Guide

Use this Visit Planning Guide to help you plan for and work with your client throughout the life of the match.  This guide is your tool and can help you educate your client on important self and baby care matters; identify areas of concern about your client; set important goals with your client; and keep track of the issues and concerns and successes that you and your client have worked on.  This guide aligns with the 5 Naomi Project program priorities:  1) Prenatal Education; 2) Baby’s Growth and Development (including immunizations and reading to baby); 3) Client’s Support System and Personal Needs (including depression and food insecurity); 4) Baby/Child Safety; and 5) Safe Sleep. It is meant for you to use and maintain as an important part of your work as a mentor.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VISIT PLANNING GUIDE REPLACES THE NAOMI PROJECT GOALS CHECKLIST.
Download the Visit Planning Guide: MS WORD; PDF

Resources for Mentors and Clients
Reading Program

To encourage Naomi Project clients to read to their children, each client receives a set of age-appropriate books for her child/children over the next year. Mentors model the kind of reading behavior that promotes parent-child bonding. Mentors also plan related activities, such as a visit to the local library. The Naomi Project Reading Coordinator oversees book selection.

Naomi Project Storage Closet

Pack-n-plays and other baby equipment items in good condition are held until they are passed on to a client who is in need. This has proved to be a valuable asset for Naomi Project clients.

Naomi Project Calendar

Another Area Coordinator, responding to the Naomi Project goal of teaching clients to use their time more efficiently, came up with the idea for a Naomi Project Calendar. This calendar is given to all new clients. The clients are then urged to record their various health care appointments on the calendar, as well as other time commitments which are important to the smooth running of their family life. There is also a place on the calendar for important phone numbers such as 911, Poison Control, Health Care Provider, and the client's Naomi Volunteer.