Program Structure

Advisory Board

The Naomi Project has an Advisory Board drawn from the health care community (who make referrals to the program), and from the Naomi Project staff. Staff members who sit on the board include the three Program Directors, the Training Committee Chairwoman, the Newsletter Editor, the Publicity Chairwoman, the Community Liaisons Chairwoman, and the seven Area Coordinators. Board members provide input into the running of the program and promote the program to the broad community. They evaluate the effectiveness of the program and strive to keep the program faithful to its goals.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee comprises only Naomi Project volunteers who have assumed positions of extra responsibility in the running of the program. They include the Program Directors, the Chairwomen of various committees, the Newsletter Editor, and the seven Area Coordinators. The Steering committee devotes itself to the day-to-day operation of the Program and how to make these operations more efficient.


The Naomi Project has one paid employee who serves as a liaison and coordinator between Britepaths and Naomi Project volunteers.


The Program Co-Directors supervise all aspects of the organization, planning, and implementation of the Naomi Project including, but not limited to, establishing a training program for the volunteers, supervising the volunteers either directly or through their Area Coordinators, organizing follow up meetings, developing forms used in conducting the program, working with health care providers to promote client referrals, and promoting the program in the community.

Area Coordinators

Volunteers are supervised by Area Coordinators who report to the Program Directors. All Area Coordinators have been with the Naomi Project for several years and have demonstrated leadership, reliability, creativity and compassion. These senior volunteers accompany new volunteers on first home visits and utilize their own experiences to guide the new volunteers in establishing goals for their mentoring relationships. With first-hand knowledge of the client's needs, each Area Coordinator can be a more realistic support for the mentors assigned to them. In addition, the buddy system provides a measure of safety for the initial visit. As the program expands, the number of area coordinators increases.

Click Here for the Area Coordinator Monthly Report form

Community Liaisons

Community Liaisons foster linkages with other health care agencies. In 2008, Community Liaisons represented the Naomi Project at meetings of Access to Health Care, the Reston Brown Bag, the Northern Virginia Regional Perinatal Council, and Beginning Steps for Parents. Community Liaisons are all senior volunteers who are able to draw on their own experience of mentoring, and they make a valuable contribution to these groups.


A Naomi Project volunteer is a trained mentor to a high risk pregnant or newly parenting woman. She works to promote healthy pregnancies, to foster good parenting skills and help her client get a sense of direction in her life. She provides encouragement and support; she does appropriate health teaching; she makes referrals to appropriate community services; she models sound parenting skills; she supports her client as she plans for a healthy future for herself and her baby. She understands the importance of have weekly contact with her client – particularly in the first six weeks as the relationship is getting established. She understands the importance of record keeping. She sends in monthly reports summarizing her work with the client assigned to her. (25-35 active at any given time)


Jill Beres, 703-273-8829,

Area Coordinators

Caroline Hillkirk, Peggy Cressy, Susanne Leslie, Susan Brickman, Sharon McHugh, Sarah Bock, Jennifer Mendoza, Christine Kenny


Betty Ann Wilkins, Bridget Simpkiss, Mary Rank, Susan Lampazzi (rotate managing the virtual office),

Support Staff:

  • Training Coordinator:  Laura Greenspan
  • Training Manual Editor: Dianne Rose
  • Newsletter Editor: Christy O’Farrell
  • Publicity Coordinator: Monica Galloway
  • Book Program: Corinne D’Silva
  • Steering Committee:  Support Staff, Area Coordinators, Co-Directors
  • Advisory Board:  The Steering Committee and various representatives from the health care community make up the Advisory Board.