Our Impact

A Sound Investment in a Brighter Future for Local Neighbors and Families

At Britepaths, we understand that you have many choices when selecting a non-profit to support. We recognize that you want to see your dollars having an impact — a good Return-On-Investment (ROI). We strive to do just that. Our work makes an important, tangible difference, helping families in the Fairfax County area work through a crisis and move from a place of need to true financial self-sufficiency.

Community Impact
  • 1,401 families received food or financial assistance to address a crisis
  • 3,571 children served through the Back to School and Holiday programs
  • 934 volunteers served a record 10,410 hours
  • 2,264 people received financial literacy, workforce development, and support for new mothers
  • 80% of adults who receive financial literacy support improve their financial stability 
Your Dollars At Work

$100 provides school supplies for 10 students

$500 provides food for 5 families in need of emergency food support

$1,000 provides financial literacy classes for 10 individuals

$2,500 provides grocery deliveries to 30 families

$5,000 provides assistance for 13 people who need car repairs and wouldn’t make it to work otherwise

$10,000 provides financial assistance to 34 families to pay rent or utilities


    (Britepaths) and their team has blessed my family and me from the start to finish during my difficult battle of managing money, my divorce, losing my job and exhausting my savings. With their help, I am currently working as a Medical Assistant and replenishing my savings again. And also regaining my independence. 

    — Ms. E, Britepaths Client