Britepaths does not require a referral for Financial Empowerment, Workforce Development services, which are offered through the Financial Empowerment Center at South County. These services are open to all Northern Virginia residents. More information listed below. Most of our services continue to be offered virtually.

To Receive Food or Financial Assistance Services from Britepaths, a Client Must Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Residency: Must be a Fairfax County resident (includes residents of City of Fairfax, Town of Clifton, Town of Herndon, Town of Vienna).
  • Referral: For Food Assistance, a client must have a referral made by a social worker or caseworker from Fairfax County Health and Human Services or a Fairfax County Community Based Organization (CBO) or Faith Based Organization (FBO). Individuals who do not have a social worker may call Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) at 703.222.0880. A Fairfax County social worker will complete an assessment over the phone and make a referral if warranted. For Financial Assistance, a client must have a referral made through CSP. Contacting CSP or any social worker does not guarantee a referral to Britepaths' services.

Click Here for a Printable Fact Sheet about our services.

UPDATE, 3/25/24: The Emergency Food Support Program is temporarily closed, and Britepaths is not accepting new referrals until further notice. Britepaths' Emergency Food Support Program accepts referrals for clients in stable housing who are in a temporary financial crisis. Once the referral is approved, clients are invited to Britepaths' office to pick up a one-time emergency food packing of non-perishable food and toiletries. The toiletries may include laundry detergent, toilet paper, shampoo, diapers, etc. They will also receive a grocery store gift card. The grocery gift card and packing would provide a reprieve while working with their social worker to stabilize their situation. We are not able to provide this assistance to clients who are in situations that will require longer-term food assistance.  

UPDATE, 4/18/24: The Food Bridge Program is temporarily closed, and Britepaths is not accepting new referrals until further notice. Britepaths' Food Bridge Program offers short-term food assistance to Fairfax County residents who are in stable housing and are working with a financial mentor, workforce development, or receiving comparable services to recover from a financial crisis and work toward financial self-sufficiency. Clients accepted into the program would receive grocery gift cards in the mail every two weeks for three (3) months.

Clients must be Fairfax County residents and be referred by a social worker or other qualified referring agent. Clients may contact Coordinated Services Planning (CSP) at 703.222.0880 if they do not have a social worker. If the representative interested in making the referral is not able to conduct the intake involved in filling out the Application for Assistance, they should ask the client to call CSP at 703.222.0880. Note that contacting CSP does not guarantee a referral to Britepaths.

Contact: Cora Lundgren at 703.273.8829 or contact us online

Britepaths only accepts Financial Assistance Referrals from Fairfax County’s Coordinated Services Planning (CSP). Funds are distributed between the 15th and end of each month. If you are a referring agent who is not affiliated with CSP, please ask your client to contact CSP at 703.222.0880 to complete the intake process. This does not represent a guarantee that your client will receive Financial Assistance from Britepaths.

Britepaths' Financial Assistance program aims to provide qualified Fairfax County area residents with a one-time grant that is paid directly to the service provider (e.g. landlord, utility company). Financial grants are intended for an emergency payment toward housing, utilities, auto repair, or medical assistance. The funds we provide are most often part of a "package" of funds that the social worker requesting funds puts together by receiving pledges from two or more sources to cover an entire bill. In cases where our funds are part of a package, Britepaths will not release funds to the vendor until receiving confirmation that the package is complete – meaning that funds have been pledged by all sources to cover the client's bill.

Recipients of Financial Assistance from Britepaths are required to attend a Financial Literacy class or Financial Coaching session within three months of the receipt of assistance. It may be a class offered by Britepaths, the Financial Empowerment Center at South County or another local organization. There is a 3-month window in which to take the class after the receipt of financial assistance through Britepaths. Click Here for information on receiving virtual financial coaching or taking a virtual budgeting class.

Contact: Financial Programs Manager Diana Ortega at 703.273.8829 or contact us online with any questions about the Financial Assistance Program.

Britepaths' Financial Empowerment Program offers free Financial Mentoring, Financial Coaching and personal finance workshops to help individuals/couples who live in Northern Virginia or the Washington, DC metropolitan area get a handle on their finances. Most services are offered virtually. No Referral Needed.

Clients may self-refer to our one-on-one Financial Mentoring program as long as they complete the prerequisite steps. Those interested in receiving mentoring services must first attend a free virtual Financial Coaching session. Clients may schedule a session through the Financial Empowerment Center at South County online, by email at or by calling 703.704.6101. Click Here to learn more about our Financial Empowerment services.

Contact: María José Cantoni, Financial Empowerment Center Director, at 703.273.8829 or contact us online

FECSoCo's Services and Workshops are being offered virtually until further notice.

Britepaths manages the Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) at South County through a grant from the United Way of the National Capital Area and Fairfax County. All services are free, and Fairfax County and Northern Virginia residents may access services without a referral.

The FEC at South County offers Financial Coaching and Workforce Development Coaching by appointment and frequently schedules budgeting classes and personal finance, career development and small business workshops. Other services include tax consulting, small business consulting and food entrepreneur consulting. Most services are offered virtually. Click Here for more information.

Appointments may be made through the website or by calling or emailing the center. 

Britepaths’ Workforce Development Program helps job seekers in Northern Virginia navigate the job search process and find meaningful employment. Clients may self-refer to our Workforce Development offerings. Services are being provided virtually until further notice.

The program is designed to work with under- or unemployed men and women in an individualized and coordinated way to ensure that all of their workforce development needs are met. The types of workforce development support and assistance available to clients include: Job and career identification and planning; Referrals to educational, job training, or professional certification programs; resume review; workshops; professional and social networking guidance; and financial literacy and budgeting workshops or coaching, if needed.

Additional offerings include Avenues to Career Training courses: certification in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and GoogleIT/CompTIA A+, and a Learning to Launch series; and our Network Up short-term career mentoring program.

Workforce Development Coaching By Appointment Only; No Referral Form Needed. Client should call 703.704.6101, email or Schedule On-Line for appointment.

Contact: Sally Meyer, Workforce Development Director, at 703.704.6101 or contact us online

Britepaths does not distribute supplies directly to community members. Our Back to School Program partners with select Fairfax County Public Schools to provide new school supply kits and backpacks for distribution to their students at the beginning of the school year. Our partner schools are mostly in the Fairfax High School and Justice High School pyramids. The partner schools distribute the supplies to students that they identify as having need. 

Contact: Christina Garris at 703.273.8829 or contact us online

Britepaths does not provide direct assistance to community members. Our Holiday Program works directly with partner organizations in the community and we have already committed our assistance resources for 2023. Families seeking assistance might inquire at their local nonprofit or other charitable organization.

Contact: Christina Garris at 703.273.8829 or contact us online