Financial Assistance

Due to the lack of affordable housing in Fairfax County, many of our neighbors are just a paycheck away from being in serious financial trouble and possibly facing homelessness. Anything from a medical emergency to something as simple as car trouble can set a family back for months.

This is why Britepaths offers financial assistance grants to our clients in times of crisis. With the generous donations from our friends in the community, we are able to lend a hand in keeping our clients in their homes and working toward self-sufficiency. Clients are referred to us by social workers at Fairfax County's Coordinated Services Planning after completing an intake process and demonstrating that the funds ODB provides to the client's landlord, utility or other relevant vendor will help them retain or regain financial stability. Often, the client and other non-profits contribute funds to create a "package" of funds that will pay off the entire bill. We ask clients who receive Financial Assistance from us to take a Basic Budgeting class to help them get a handle on their finances.

I wasn't evicted and stayed in the only home my kids ever knew." – a Fairfax County area mom who received Financial Assistance from Britepaths

Click here to learn how to make a referral for Financial Assistance.