Brighter Possibilities

Save the Date: Thursday, April 22, 4:30p. We have something special planned…

In 2020, we all had to deal with circumstances desperately beyond our control. But work stoppage, interruptions in school and shortfalls of basic household needs are not new experiences for all of us. For the families we serve, living in a constant state of crisis is a very familiar feeling. Last year, with our community’s support, we helped a lot of people find stability. But what comes after the storm? While many of our neighbors are still struggling to keep their homes and feed their families during the pandemic, others have begun to lift their heads up and wonder “what’s next?”

Britepaths’ commitment to stabilizing families continues, and the need still very much exists. People need food and shelter. But it’s our mission to help guide individuals and families to better outcomes – through financial literacy, workforce development, and targeted mentorship – that deserves additional focus, right now. 

For years, Britepaths has sought to understand the unique needs of each client. We craft life-altering solutions designed to bring about permanent change. By supporting our virtual Brighter Possibilities campaign, you are saying that just surviving a major setback isn’t enough. We want all of our neighbors to move past their daily grind and find a pathway out of struggle. 

What’s next for them? With your help, brighter possibilities.

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