Together Again! 2022 Board-Staff Retreat

The Board of Directors and Staff of Britepaths and the Financial Empowerment Center at South County gathered on Saturday, March 19 for our annual planning retreat. After 2 years of Zoom meetings, it was fun (and a little disconcerting) to see everyone in person and realize that no, we’re actually not all the same height!

We held break-out sessions to provide input to the development of our next three-year Strategic Plan and our DEIA vision, and got energized for another great year of helping local families on their journeys to self-sufficiency.

We’re so grateful to our Board members, who volunteer their time, skills and energy to support our work and govern and strengthen our organization. See photos below. Click Here to learn more about our Board and Staff.

Britepaths' Board and Staff 2022
In the photo, l-r: Front row: Staff members Cecilia LeGrand, Diana Ortega, Christina Garris, Mila Cobos, Board Past-President Dave Sands, Executive Director Lisa Whetzel, Board President May Shallal, Directors Felipe Arratia and Angie Delboy.
Middle row: Staff members Heather Webb, Sidney Arrington, Lynn Latimer, Sally Meyer, Carole Rogers, Maria Jose Cantoni, Sandra Roldan, Director Karen Wheeler, Board Vice President Emily Barnes, Staff members Martha Borowski, Dawn Sykes and Ana Young.
Back row: Staff member Shannon Bryant, Directors John McWilliams and Gabe DeRosier, staff member Patricia Henao, Director Eric Goldwater, staff members Gwen Harter and Iris Woodard, Directors Zakiya Thomas and Alan Tom.
Not pictured: Board Secretary Kathy Bold and Treasurer Ed Moore, Director Dave Wiemer, and Staff members Dorothy Altmiller, Glenn Barnhardt and Austin Cooper.
Britepaths Board of Directors 2022
In the photo, l-r: Seated: Directors Angie Delboy and Karen Wheeler, Vice President Emily Barnes and President May Shallal.
Standing: Directors John McWilliams, Eric Goldwater, Gabe Desrosier, Alan Tom, Dave Sands (Past President), Zakiya Thomas and Felipe Arratia.
Not pictured: Secretary Kathy Bold, Treasurer Ed Moore and Director Dave Wiemer.
Britepaths Staff 2022
In the photo, l-r: Seated: Sandra Roldan, Sidney Arrington, Maria Jose Cantoni, Lisa Whetzel, Heather Webb, Martha Borowski and Gwen Harter.
Standing: Carole Rogers, Christina Garris, Lynn Latimer, Diana Ortega, Cecilia LeGrand, Shannon Bryant, Sally Meyer, Mila Cobos, Patricia Henao, Dawn Sykes, Iris Woodard and Ana Young.
Not pictured: Dorothy Altmiller, Glenn Barnhardt and Austin Cooper.
Britepaths Board and Staff 2022