Rental Assistance is a “Lifeline”

A landlord in Fairfax County recently wrote to thank us for providing rental assistance for his tenant, who he said had been hard-hit by the pandemic. She had been hospitalized with Covid and had also lost her job.

He said, “Your generous help has provided her with a lifeline, not only in concrete terms, but also in terms of peace of mind, dignity and hope. Your organization helped not only her, but also me, as I own only one rental property and, as a retiree, very much rely on that income.”

He added, “It is heartening that our community has a treasure such as Britepaths and the volunteers who make its work possible. It is an irreplaceable way to channel help to those who most need it. And, this is a great example of cooperation between the Fairfax County government and the community to express concern and to get things done with an immediate impact.”

We are so glad to have helped this tenant stay in her home while also helping her landlord feel supported during this crisis. We appreciate his kind words, and also share his gratitude for Fairfax County. The pandemic recovery funds that the County has provided for the last two years have helped us assist significantly more neighbors with rent, utilities and food during this crisis, staving off hunger and homelessness while they worked to regain financial stability. Britepaths’ Food and Financial Assistance programs have long been primarily funded through Fairfax County’s Consolidated Community Funding Pool, and grants through the Pool help fund other vital services we provide. We also partner with County agencies in a variety of ways to assist community members each year. A huge thank you to Fairfax County’s leadership and employees for helping us help our neighbors to brighter futures.

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