Melinda’s New Home

Congratulations to Melinda, who previously worked with our wonderful volunteer Financial Mentor Josephine Johnson to improve her financial situation. In August 2021, she wrote to our Financial Empowerment Director Marcelle Miles to recommend a friend for our Mentoring program, and she shared this fabulous update. We’re so proud of her and happy for her and her daughter.

“It’s been a few years since I was blessed to have been introduced to your program. Josephine holds a special place in my heart for all that she did for me both in her mentoring. I’m proud to say that my credit score has been over 700 for over a year now, and during COVID (2020) I was able to purchase my first home as a single mom!!! We moved in September of 2020. That is a goal and dream I had all but given up on especially since I was getting closer to 50 during the time Josephine and I met. Here I am 50 and a home owner thanks to all your program and Josephine has done. Thank you!”