Ms. G is Getting Her Life Back to Together

Life is getting so much better for our Financial Mentoring client Ms. G and her daughter, thanks to your support! “I don’t know where I would be right now without Britepaths,” she said.

Ms. G is working hard in Britepaths’ Financial Mentoring Program to get her finances in order and support herself and her daughter. Thanks to your support, and a dedicated volunteer financial mentor and pro-bono attorney, she is feeling like her life is coming together. We appreciate her sharing her story with us.

“Britepaths was and is very instrumental in helping me get my life back together. A few months ago, I was newly separated and scrambling to get legal and financial help in order to support my daughter. I had a mountain of debt, no tools on how to manage my money or increase my income and lacked a structured life.

“Britepaths gave me legal advice, which saved me so much money in legal fees. The organization also gave me financial education assistance in terms of classes, credit management, and most important of all, a financial mentor. The financial mentor helped me to make a budget and debt repayment plan, to track my spending and to make better financial decisions. In addition to that, Britepaths also put me on their food assistance program where I was able to save a lot of money that I was normally spending on grocery. 

“All in all, I don’t know where I would be right now without Britepaths. I am a beneficiary of most of their great, organized and efficient services, which made a world of difference to me and my daughter’s lives.”