Become a Corporate Partner


Whether it’s filling boxes with food and necessities or backing social events to raise funds and awareness, our corporate partners work with us to help deliver vital services in Fairfax County. In return, we provide our partners with a wealth of benefits, including public relations, tax deductions and a positive effect on company morale.

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Partner with Britepaths

We invite your company to partner with us and support our mission. You can get involved through:

Does your company match employees' charitable gifts? If so, you could double, even triple a gift to Britepaths! Not sure if your company has a program? Contact your HR department to see if your company matches gifts and to learn how to make it happen. Don't forget about the CFC Campaign or the United Way Campaign! If your company participates in either of these campaigns, consider designating Britepaths (CFC #82471 UW#9661).

Contact: Abra Kurt at 703.273.8829 or contact us online.