Financial Mentoring


Britepaths matches individuals, couples or families in Northern Virginia with trained volunteers who have the time and desire to help them better manage their lives. The focus is generally aimed at managing household finances, with the mentor teaching different tips and skills. This program is also geared toward giving our clients a sense of control. With an improved grasp on their finances, our clients will feel more in charge of their lives and be more able to sustain self-sufficiency.

As a prerequisite to the Financial Mentoring program, clients must register and attend a free virtual Financial Coaching session. Click Here to request a Financial Coaching session, or call 703.704.6101. Once the client has had a coaching session and interviewed for the program, Britepaths will either match the client with a volunteer financial mentor or offer additional financial coaching sessions.

We ask that mentors and clients commit to meeting twice a month for a one-hour session. Ideally, the coaching will last for six months or longer. We match mentors and clients with similar work schedules and living/working locations. Mentors usually come from a professional financial background and have had success with their own personal finances. We enlist volunteers with a desire to teach clients new skills, with patience and a sense of humor. Training is provided to volunteers and on-going support is provided to both volunteers and clients who are being mentored.

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Due to COVID-19, Financial Mentoring is being conducted virtually until further notice.