“For the first time, she felt she is not alone”

We loved this update from our long-time Volunteer Financial Mentor Michael about Donna’s progress as she works through some steep financial challenges. We’re so glad that Donna feels supported during her difficult time, and so grateful to Michael for giving of his time and talents to support her. Here’s what he wrote:

“Donna has very sensitive issues regarding Finances. She, [Financial Coach and Trainer] Martha and I had a Zoom meeting last night about a creditor contacting her regarding a significant debt. We strategized effective ways as to how Donna could respond to the Creditor. During tonight’s meeting, she expressed to me, for the first time she felt she is not ALONE with her financial issues and she felt SAFE, because she feels Martha and I will be with her as she works through working with this creditor!!! Donna expects going through this process will make her a better person.

“I deeply feel this may be the biggest compliment a client can give to our Britepaths Program! It’s great to be part of the Britepaths TEAM!

“Being part of Britepaths continues to be a very rewarding experience in my life.”

Michael, Volunteer Financial Mentor