I Got the Job!

All of us at Britepaths are so excited for Ms. B! Our Financial Literacy Program Manager Carole Rogers first met her and introduced her to our Workforce Development Program Manager Jill Beres, who coached her as she worked to attain a better job. Ms. B sent Carole this text yesterday while we were in our staff meeting, and we all cheered.

She also sent this nice note to Jill and Carole: “I wouldn’t have made it this far without you and Carole’s assistance. You both supported me throughout the hiring process, managing me on the correct words and actions. I can confidently say I learned a lot in this past week and I have never felt this professional. I appreciate you both. God bless you.”

Go, Ms. B, and Go Britepaths Team! The support of caring community members like you make successes like this possible.

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