Ms. M Earns Her Match

Join us in congratulating Ms. M, who, after a year of building her savings, earned her Matched Savings grant!

She participated in Britepaths’ Financial Mentoring program for one year, graduating in August 2020. She is a seasonal employee and struggled to pay bills during the summer, when she’s not working.

Our Matched Savings program is designed to help clients habituate savings skills as part of our Financial Literacy skill building. Ms. M’s account was set up to plan and anticipate those months where she would not be paid. The program requires a commitment of 12 consecutive deposits into a dedicated account without withdrawing. She participated from December 2019 to November 2020, earning the full $500 match. In total, before our match, she saved $2,250 over the course of the year.

In November, our Financial Programs Manager Diana Vallenilla, sent Ms. M the $500 check she earned, and Ms. M wrote to Financial Literacy Program Director Marcelle Miles: “The check has arrived!!!! A big thank you for coordinating that, and a big thank you to the finance manager for cutting the check. I am so appreciative of you and all of the donors that have made this possible. I am so excited to add the $500 to my savings account!”

We are grateful to our supporters for helping community members like Ms. M reap the rewards of their hard work. Thank you!