In Memory of Dedicated Volunteer Todd Snedden

All of us at Britepaths were saddened by the passing of our wonderful Financial Literacy volunteer Todd Snedden on July 4, 2018, and we offer our heartfelt condolences to his family. Todd began volunteering with us in January 2017, and served enthusiastically as a Financial Mentor, Instructor and Financial Counselor. 

Our Financial Literacy Program Director Marcelle Miles shared a note that he sent her about his work with his mentoring client, “Tanya.”

“I’m happy to be assisting Tanya and hope I can be of help to her. Despite financial and other significant obstacles, she is undaunted though not fearless, which makes her progress even that much more impressive to me.

“This is my first volunteer position, and it has helped me better appreciate the unforgiving reality that others can face in our society. It has been heartening to see how she has been strongly supported by the charities here in Fairfax County….The efforts of individuals in these organizations have been strong advocates for her and enabled her to find a home and sustaining stability for her son.”

We are grateful to Todd for lending his time and talents to help Tanya and many of our clients on their journeys to self-sufficiency, and honored to have had the opportunity to serve along side of him.

In August 2018, we received a $5,000 contribution in his honor from a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous, with this note: “In memory of Todd A. Snedden and in honor of the people he helped. Please use the monies in the areas he volunteered.”

This legacy to his service and passion for helping others succeed means a lot to us, and we look forward to helping more of our neighbors benefit from our financial education services in honor of his memory.