“Just a few changes in my spending…”

Ms. J tracked her spending each day while she was waiting to start our Financial Mentoring Program, and the exercise really opened her eyes. Read her thank you letter.

Britepaths is fortunate to have a very dedicated volunteer, Jim, who puts in dozens of hours each month supporting our Financial Mentoring Program. Because there can be a delay between the time that we interview prospective clients for the Financial Mentoring Program and the time we can match them with a personal Financial Mentor, we developed an interim program we call JUMP. During the two-to-five weeks they may wait, they are asked to send their daily spending via text or email to Jim. He takes that information and begins to develop a budget for the client based on their provided information. For several clients, going through this exercise has brought significant awareness and change regarding their spending habits.

Ms. J. is an example of someone who found great benefits from going through this exercise. Below is the thank-you she sent to Jim via email recently. She is just about to be matched with a mentor and begin her budgeting and saving journey in earnest.

“Jim- I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve shown me, helped me work through and coming up with avenues to help get me on the right path.  It has been a true pleasure and I don’t think I could’ve curved or fixed things on my own. Just the realization of what’s been going out by sending you daily texts has really opened my eyes to some of the unnecessary spending that we can easily fall into. You have done wonders for me and made me feel like I had support in my goals. Just by you having me make a few changes in my spending, feeling motivated to get a second job, and realizing how I had lost track of things by using autopay too much.  It’s made a huge impact.

“You have a great holiday and thank you!”

Thanks, Ms. J.

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