Rashida's Story

November 1st, 2020

"Home now for us is a refuge," Rashida says. "It has become a place where, watching the news and seeing all the discord on TV, a place that we know is safe. It has become a refuge from COVID itself. Trying to maintain some semblance of hope for my children is one of my greatest goals." 

When Rashida first came to Britepaths, she had experienced a number of setbacks, including homelessness. In just under two years -- with guidance from our staff and volunteers, and a lot of hard work -- Rashida has reduced her debt, found stable housing, maintained employment, enrolled in school for Occupational Therapy, and is giving her all to maintain some semblance of hope for her two children during this very difficult time. It's a lot, and she is their sole source of support, but she's handling it well.  

Thanks to Britepaths' supporters, Rashida's family, and many others, have been able to stay in their homes and continue their inspiring paths to self-sufficiency despite the pandemic.